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““Enjoyed your set so much ! All three students danced so well, each energizing the dance with their own individuality, and with the beauty of Mohiniyattam you have imparted to them ! A breath of beauty in the chaos called dance yesterday!!”.”

Viji Prakash – Founder Diorector, Shakti Dance Company, Los Angeles, Jan 2018


Director's Note

I have been involved with Mohiniyattam for over three decades, running the Centre for Mohiniyattam in New Delhi along with my Guru-mother Bharati Shivaji.  We are proud that this dance form is acknowledged today as one of the major dance forms of India & have presented it in some of the most prestigious venues in India & around the globe.  And now, I am excited to establish the Mohiniyattam Institute in LA, & look forward to propagating this graceful dance form through performances, teaching & collaborations.


Mohiniyattam is the classical dance form of Kerala, & is deeply rooted in femininity. I perceive Grace not just as a feminine attribute but in its wider sense – Human & Divine. To me, the dance form epitomizes values that can sustain us, especially now, when aggression & violence have come to be misconstrued as power. True Power lies in Grace. 


These Classical traditions are not just archaic symbols, but hold a significant relevance to society, that need to be understood & imbibed. Therefore, they need to be supported, to nurture society and take it forward in the right direction.


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