A brilliantly scripted film, directed by Sara And Urs Baur, the short film features Vijayalakshmi performing Mohiniyattam to Bizet’s world-famous opera, Carmen. With high production standards, where art meets cutting-edge technology, comprising a multi-national crew, the entire film was shot in one day, at the metabolic studios in downtown Los Angeles. She also acted in the film with the eminent actor from Hollywood Michael Irby. A unique musical score was composed by well-known musician Yuval Ron, weaving traditional Andalusian music with Western operatic music.

Theatre – Vidyottama

Enacting the lead role in Vidyottama, a play written and directed by the iconic master theatre director & playwright of India, Mohan Maharishi, proved to be a uniquely fulfilling opportunity to Vijayalakshmi, to further expand her channels for creative expression. A complex and intense play, based on the erudite wife of Kalidasa, ancient India’s most revered classical Sanskrit playwright, dramatist & poet, the play involved her playing the role of Vidyottama, where she combined acting, dance, drama & singing to delineate her character & to powerfully portray the untold story of women’s contribution to art and literature in Indian history.

Beyond Grace

This is a documentary feature film, made by LA-based filmmaker Sara Baur Harding – an intimate portrait of Vijayalakshmi and her mother-Guru Bharati Shivaji. Vijalakshmi has also sung for the film. The music composed by Emmy Awardee Mac Quayle, invigorates the dance and allows a new way to view the subject in a way that is not only personal but timely and relevant

Photo Credits: Sara Baur Harding
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