The Mohiniyattam Institute (TMI)

The Mohiniyattam Institute, is a non-profit organization founded by Vijayalakshmi in Los Angeles, California, that educates America about Mohiniyattam and makes people aware of the beauty and relevance of this traditional Indian classical dance form. TMI also highlights its healing, therapeutic & empowering qualities, for women, especially underserved, marginalized women in society. The organization fulfills these objectives through performances, teaching classes, public speaking & publishing of articles. 

TMI uses the greatest strength of Mohiniyattam, which is its universal resonance and appeal to women. It speaks to all women, regardless of age, experience, race, background, ethnicity and training, as it quintessentially deals with femininity and its essence. The dance form is a powerful tool, which offers a wonderful opportunity to all women, to express themselves freely and connect with the power of their own femininity and experience it, besides contributing in a significant way towards their overall wellness. The other incidental benefits of practicing Mohiniyattam, is that it contributes towards youthfulness and has anti-ageing qualities for women.

We are a unique organization, that goes beyond merely propagating a traditional Indian dance form. Our driving philosophy is women’s empowerment and is passionately involved with raising social awareness about women’s issues. Americans, including the Indian community, is largely only familiar with Bharatanatyam, another Indian dance form. So by not being aware of the beauty and power of Mohiniyattam, they are greatly missing out on this dance form. Mohiniyattam provides a beautiful opportunity for audiences to experience it, filling a gap. Where our organization also stands to contribute, is that it serves marginalized women as well.

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